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UK Retail Could Slow in the Next 30 Days. »

Forecasters at the Confederation of British Industry released a note on their forecast for retail sales over the next 60 days and they believe that sales volumes will slow in…

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Chinese Auto Sales to Struggle? $ »

As you know by now, we are piecing together all of the data points that we can to give you an accurate reading on the Chinese market. Is it as…

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M&A Busiest on Record? »

What happens when global companies are sitting on record cash and don’t know what to do with it?  They buy other companies. Several sources are now predicting that the third…

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Top Stories

Interesting Contra-View from the BDI. $ »


Remember when the Baltic Dry Index hit a new all-time low earlier in 2015 and everybody blew it off because…

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Silly, But Interesting Personal Observation. »


The Coca- Cola campaign to “Share a Coke with a Friend” is back on again this year. The company attributes…

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Look to the Skies… »


  NASA’s New Horizon’s Probe is, and rightfully so, taking us away from the daily grind to remind us of…

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Remember the 1929 PBS Special? $ »


We continue to point you to the (older) American Experience PBS piece called “The Crash of 1929”, just as a…

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What Caused Oil Volatility? $ »


We have noticeably cut down on our coverage of the changes in oil prices based on supply/demand dynamics as you…

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Latest on the Fukushima Decommissioning Progress. $ »

We haven’t written in a long time about the Fukushima Daiichi Plant in Japan and the process that the plant would go through to secure, stabilize, and decommission the plant. When we wrote about this last, workers were going to go through a very dangerous…

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Iranian Leader’s Comments Puts Administration in Spin Cycle. $ »

Just as the President and Secretary of State Kerry were taking a case to Congress as to why they should approve the Iranian Uranium Enrichment deal, they were scrambling to cover a political disaster.…

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Understanding Israel and Saudi Arabia’s Concern. $ »

The recent Iran nuclear negotiation and deal had a fairly simple objective (as the President said yesterday): stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. If the administration was successful in getting inspection rights and could quickly put sanctions right back in place, in their mind…

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Level 1, 2, and 3 Thinking. $ »

I was talking with an Executive the other day about some frustrations that they were having with getting an advanced strategic viewpoint understood in their organization. To this executive, the vision was so clear and the path so obvious. Why couldn’t others see it without…

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Raw Materials

World Food Prices Plummet – Not Helping Consumer Spending. $ »

This isn’t exactly a raw material story, but it does have a significant impact on what happens to commodity prices. The FAO under the United…

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Getting Winds of Tougher Petroleum Investment Ahead $ »

  We may not fully comprehend what lower crude oil prices are going to do to the broader economy. When we measure the investment and…

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