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A personal note from Keith Prather
November 13, 2017

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We have changed the layout of the brief a little.  We now have links within the brief to help navigation.  Below are some of the topics we covered this week.


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Insights on China from a Good Friend
I spoke at a conference yesterday and one of our good friends was there. He’s a global traveler and spends[...]
Global Market Shaper, Pay Attention
You can’t open any form of media without seeing something about alternative fuel vehicles, etc. In fact, the news is[...]
Just Process This Situation Analysis on North Korea
Most of you may have seen the report on CNN yesterday in which a North Korean Ambassador said that the[...]
Quick Note on the Weekly Jobs Data
There were headlines all over the media today touting the lowest weekly jobless claims rate in more than 40 years[...]
Black Swan Brewing: Could be the Next Market Shaper!
AMR stands for antimicrobial resistance and it occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites adapt or change to make current[...]

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