Are You Ready for a Business Risk Analysis that is Unfiltered?

You need to get the Black Owl Report, it's more than just a series of analyst reports, it's an Executive Briefing System that you don't want to be without.

It’s More Than Just a Series of Analyst Reports

Our Executive Intelligence System was built with the help of Executives to provide their “ideal” mix of economic and business briefings. It keeps them ahead of critical business risk issues, opportunities, with a hint of futurism built-in.

It’s Armada … Unfiltered

You’ve heard Chris and Keith speak in front of audiences around the country covering economic, political, and business issues. The Black Owl Report is straightforward and no-nonsense. It’s Armada unfiltered … it’s what we really think about the business environment and major events of the day.

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After That It's Just $7 Per Month And You Get the Following...

  • Black Owl Report– (2 times a week) The AEIB provides macro business risk analysis critical for all Executives across 7 different management areas. (View Sample)
  • Inside the Executive Suite – (1 per week) Tips, tricks, and techniques from the World’s Top CEO’s on “how to get things done”. (View Sample)
  • National Economic Security Estimate – (1 per month) Much like the National Security Estimates provided by top US intelligence agencies, this publication looks forward to highlight primary areas of risk and growth opportunities for Executives in the coming months. (View Sample)
  • Global Economic Security Estimate – (1 per month) Similar in format to the publication above, but focused on key global regions and the business risk environment in those regions. (View Sample)
  • Economic Scorecard – (1 per month) Given the myriad of economic reports released every month, this proprietary scorecard provides a nice status report of where the US economy is and where it is headed in the next thirty days. (View Sample)
  • Armada Executive Intelligence System Network Access - Gives you access to Armada Managing Directors to ask questions about content in any Armada publication and specifically how it might affect your organization. Access is through traditional e-mail means directly and confidentially with Chris Kuehl or Keith Prather and all queries are kept strictly confidential.

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