2011 American Idol Winner

I live in a world of prediction, forecasting, processing intelligence and high stakes strategy in Corporate America.

But I do have a fun side that the family gets to see. For instance, I love American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Shot, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, you name it. I’m not much of a Suvivor fan, but I will watch Dual Survivor (for those of you who know what that is) – love Cody – what a cool freak. I can even get my daughters to sit and watch Project Runway or The Voice with me.
So, for kicks, I’m going to try and predict the winner of American Idol for the year. Here’s my rundown in finishing order and why or why not this person has a chance:

1. James Durbin – It’s James’ to lose. He is a great story (family guy trying to make it, a few mild disorders to show that anyone can overcome adversity, and he has rocker support), he’s shown versatility, and I’ll bet that he and Steven end up singing together before the end of the year, doing an Aerosmith medley of some kind. Unless he completely self-destructs, they are grooming him for Idol stardom and he’ll bring home the goods. He wants it so bad – he has that all-or-nothing desperation that people can feel. And right now, at least up till this week, he has made all the smart calls.

2. Haley Reinhart – Surprise. I’ve got Haley and James in the final. Haley has the look (she’s a beautiful young lady) and she’s “quirky cool”. She does have a problem – she can sometimes slip off the radar – but her performances are getting stronger and I think she’ll surprise Scotty in the long run. I’ll bet she has a lot of producer support and advice working for her – you can see it in her maturation over the season.

3. Scotty McCreery – O.K. Picture a 20 year old George Bush – that’s Scotty in appearance. He’s got a professional career sewn up. Just as soon as the Idol thing is over, he’ll don his first cowboy hat in public to tell the world that he is 100% country cool and he’ll be at the Grand Ole’ Opry the week after. But, to make the final two – he’ll need to really find a way to go right down the middle – something he doesn’t want to do and those that will manage his career will want to avoid as well.

4. Lauren Alaina – sweet girl but she just gives us an aire of being petrified most of the time. When she relaxes and belts it out, she’s as good as anyone on stage. She just has to really step it up in the final couple of weeks – and I think she might be a little psyched out.

We’ll see what happens. Starting Thursday…

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keith prather - May 16, 2011 Reply


Can’t blame me for taking a shot at it (looks a lot like my March NCAA brackets). I couldn’t have missed this one by a greater degree – and I’m guessing by the surprise on the judge’s faces, I’m not alone.

That’s why we stick to economics!

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