About Us

Founded by Keith Prather and Chris Kuehl in January of 2001, Armada began as a competitive intelligence firm, grounded in the discipline of gathering, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence.  Today, Armada executives function as trusted strategic advisors to business executives, merging our fundamental roots in  corporate intelligence gathering, economic forecasting and strategy development.

Armada focuses on the market forces bearing down on organizations. We provide a pipeline for intelligence that is focused on helping senior executives quickly navigate through complex market situations to assess risk and growth opportunities.

To that end, we have developed a proprietary system of briefings for Senior Business Leaders called the Armada Executive Intelligence Briefing System.  It is comprised of 10 different types of intelligence briefings which collectively provide a complete view of the global macro marketplace for executives.

The briefings themselves are written in a manner that is direct and to the point and very similar in format to the daily written brief prepared for the President of the United States. Instituted in 1960 for President Kennedy, the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) is a tool that the nation’s Chief Executive uses to understand the dynamics of the world they face. Arguably, the briefings themselves are considered to be among the most top secret documents in the Federal Government. Our proprietary briefing system is patterned after the PDB – but designed for the Business Executive for use in understanding the  macro dynamics of the economy, environment, and the political decisions / events that will affect business decisions and add risk.  If an event doesn’t have an impact on business, we don’t write about it.

We also forecast where we think particular events are going – using a fact-based scenario testing methodology we have developed. Executives tell us that they may not always like what we have to report, but they always appreciate it.

Our vision is to create a closely-kept community of corporate executives from around the world sharing insights and intelligence on economics, emerging / growth markets, risks, and other elements critical to running a corporation in an environment that is respectful, professional, and as confidential as a member wants it to be.  We will start by priming the pump and downloading everything we know, can collect, and analyze about the global business environment in one of the ten different briefing elements.  Everything else is just value-added benefits of being a member.

As an offshoot of this system, we also prepare private briefings specifically for executives of corporations – focused on specific markets and elements of their business, competition, environment, and other dimensions that they self-select as being important to them. Designed as an “Officer of the Watch Report”, it is truly more like the PDB for a single executive than anything else on the market. For more about the “Officer of the Watch Report”, click here.