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Battle over Greek Fate is Battle Within Germany $


The single biggest roadblock to a Greek deal is Angela Merkel and the Germans in general. That is really not entirely an accurate statement as the biggest roadblock is the inability of the Syriza leaders to see that their demands are pure fantasy. It is the Germans that will not allow the rest of the […]

Continued Good News on the Labor Front


In general terms economists assert that the economy is healthy and creating jobs at a satisfactory pace as long as new claims of unemployment are below 400,000 a month. By that measure the US has been healthy enough for the last four years. The latest data shows that there were only 276,000 new claims for […]

Signs of Inflation? $


The headlines have been interesting – especially after one reads the words that follow. The latest Consumer Price Index rose to a seasonally adjusted 0.4% and suddenly the lead headlines have all been about the return of inflation and the impact this may all have on the overall economy and the Fed decision making process. […]

GDPNow Forecast Improves Significantly.

Studying the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s ongoing look at GDP, we see that it has increased its forecast of late. The forecast now shows Q2 GDP trending at 1.9%. That’s still well short of the 3% rate we were looking for and even the Blue Chip Consensus forecast shows that it is trending at about 2.7%, […]

Fed Statement “Dovish”. $

If you are a student of the Federal Reserve and markets, you already know that yesterday was a big day.  The Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve prepared its position on interest rates and Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen offered remarks and Q&A to financial reporters on its stance and outlook for the economy.

The Weekend and Craziness $

Both Senior partners at Armada had travel issues this week, which is why the Executive Brief is following an erratic schedule.  We will be back to normal by Monday, (Lord willing and flights are on schedule). It’s amazing what a disruption a little tropical storm named Bill can do to flight cancellations. Regardless, there are […]

Bond Markets Start to Panic

 The number one concern as far as Greece is concerned has been the precedent that would be set if there was to be a capitulation. Nobody wanted to go through all this with the Spanish or the Italians. For the last several months the other struggling states seemed to have dodged the bullet to a […]

Who’s Fault is Greece Really?  $


Almost everybody one asks has a very solid opinion as far as this question is concerned. Those who watched Greece engage in some of the most economically reckless policies conceivable assert that this entire debacle can be laid at the feet of the Greeks. They were the ones who came up with the bright ideas […]

Shall We Trust Mr. Furman?  $

Jason Furman is the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. He replaced Alan Krueger who replaced Austan Goolsbee who replaced Cristina Romer – under the Obama administration. Furman comes from a very different place than the three people who preceded him. They were all academics with prestigious universities who took leave to be in […]

Summer of the Home Builder? $

The latest data from the home building sector points to a pretty solid summer and that is certainly better news than has been heard from this front lately.

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