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Somebody Blinked  

It was not the IMF and it wasn’t the ECB or the Eurozone or the Germans. The game of EU chicken was coming down the very wire and if something didn’t break there would be chaos of a sort. Granted the majority of the affected parties in Europe had already built in some reaction to […]

Problems with Global Productivity $

There have been plenty of stories pointing out that productivity levels have been falling in the US and Europe as well as Japan and there have been plenty of theories as to why this is the case. Most revolve around the slowing pace of technology – there have been very few breakthroughs in the last […]

Keep an Eye on India Weather Pattern.

Many of you have trading partners in India, you need to keep an eye on the weather there. A heat wave has set up over large swaths of the country pushing the temperature up to 122 degrees in many locations.  Up to 800 deaths have directly been blamed on the weather and meteorologists say that […]

Energy Debate Gets Nasty in Paris 

The discussion over the future of energy in the world has taken on all the trappings of a religious exchange with true believers on either side. There is little attempt to develop compromise positions as both sides demonize the other and assert that their way is the one and only true way forward. The crux […]

Fantasy or Threat? 

It has become somewhat commonplace for the Saudi Oil Minister to make off-the-wall comments regarding the oil business and his nation’s role in it. These are often outlandish but always seem to be rooted in some kind of play or spin. Ali a-Naimis is as colorful as they get in the oil business of the […]

Is the Financial Sector Too Big? $

A recent study from the IMF economists will cause quite a stir and you can be assured that there will be all kinds of rebuttal in the weeks and months to come. The essential argument is that banks and other major financial players in the US and in Europe have grown far too large and […]

Strong Dollar – Mexican Industrial Production Steady. $

Industrial production in Mexico grew at a “steady” 1.7% annual rate in March. Stripping out everything except manufacturing, the manufacturing sector alone posted an annualized growth rate of 3.1%, slightly slower than the 4.2% rate of growth posted in February.

Why Do the Sanctions Worry Germany? $


The stumbling European economy has been laid at the feet of the Germans this month. Nobody really expects anything from the other members of the Eurozone – most would be satisfied if these nations were just able to hold their own for a while and maybe make some small contributions to growth. If France could […]

What have we become?

In the News

We were listening to a news broadcast today and there was some early polling data on the US presidential race. This is in no way showing support or distaste for any one candidate. We just want to make a point.

Can China Enter the World of “IMF Special Drawing Rights” $

Chinese Money1

For many years it seemed that the last thing the Chinese would ever want to do is subject their currency to the vagaries of the global marketplace. After all the success of the Chinese economy has been built on exports and for years the policy has been to keep the renminbi valued far lower than […]

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