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Not All Gloom and Doom

Don’t look now as this would mess up the mass hand wringing that has engulfed the markets but the Europeans suddenly look like they are on the road to some kind of recovery. The unemployment rate for the Eurozone as a whole is now at 10.9% and that is the best it has been in […]

What is Going On with The Indices?  $

The markets in Asia collapsed again yesterday and this time the culprit is the bad PMI data that emerged. Once again it would be nice if the analysts showed a little perspective on this. The Chinese data showed a drop to 49.7 and while that is clearly below the 50 line that separates contraction from […]

Race to Win the Arctic. $

It could become the new Super Power Conflict zone.   The Arctic is rich with resources, claimed by at least 5 countries, and is the site of Russia’s most aggressive buildup of resources, bases, and capabilities since the ending of the Cold war. President Putin has put at least 10 bases in the region and […]

It’s Official Now – Brazil is in Recession 

Brazilian Flag

The year has not gotten off to a very good start in Brazil and it has become progressively worse with each passing month. The approval ratings for President Dilma Rousseff are as low as they have ever been and many analysts have now concluded that she is no longer capable of rescuing her government and […]

Critics Emerge Vindicated $

Chinese Money1

As one would expect not everyone jumps on the latest bandwagon and that is certainly the case when it comes to investment strategies. During the frantic run-up in enthusiasm for China over the last decade there have been those who warned that all was not as it seemed and took a contrarian position on China. […]

Eurozone Economic Sentiment Hits 4-Year High. $

Europe 1

The Eurozone economic sentiment survey conducted by the European Commission just hit a four year high, hitting an index reading of 104.2, up just slightly from 104 in July. Analysts believe that this shows that the China situation has not had an impact on the broader European Union and that most of the countries in […]

Now Children – What Lessons have we Learned? $

 Lesson number one is “do not assume you know that much about the inner workings of the Chinese economy. This is not a nation that has all that much in common with the US or Europe or Japan. It is a nation where the vast majority of the economy is under direct state control and […]

World Trade Numbers are Down  $

world map

While the world has been preoccupied with the Chinese market collapse and the subsequent impact on the rest of the world the real concern should probably be the recent data that suggests that world trade is at a low not seen since the 2009 recession. The latest readings from the World Trade Monitor show a […]

A New Day and New World for Chinese Leadership. $

china sunrise

As we start to unravel what happened to global stock markets, there’s a new realization emerging: China had the ability to single-handedly send the world into a correction – and to reverse that trend. One move by the Chinese Central Bank has led to the rebound we saw today in the market. We haven’t seen […]

Does China Have Options?  $


Of course they do. Part of the challenge right now is that China never acts the way that other nations act. This is a country that straddles the divide between a market driven system and one that reacts to the edicts of the planners. China is in transition and nobody really knows exactly what that […]

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