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Can Rousseff Survive?  $


If one was to lay bets on the ability of Brazil’s President to survive it would appear to be the longest of long shots. The only thing that is saving her now is that there is no practical way to get rid of her and the country seems well past the days of military coups. […]

IMF Report on Greece Spreads Blame  $

Seriously – how does a country get into a mess this severe? The current leadership of the country is childish and so divorced from reality to defy the imagination. The creditors are so tone deaf that they can’t see that they are condemning a population to decades of privation and could very well be setting […]

Chinese Authorities Open Securities Probe.

It wasn’t what the Chinese stock market needed, but overnight, Chinese regulators announced that they were opening a probe into securities manipulation across its markets. That sent the Shanghai Composite from a 3% loss to a 6% loss in a matter of minutes as investors fled the market.   At some point, the market will […]

Intriguing Data on Work Released by OECD $

If one was to ask which nation had workers who put in the most hours in a year and the options were the US, Greece and Germany – what would your answer be? Those who reacted to a recent poll surmised that the ranking would look like this – US, Germany and then Greece. They […]

Greece, China, and Puerto Rico $

  If you have nothing better to do this weekend, and fun is just not what you are into, you can add a lot of stress to your diet by watching three events over the holiday weekend. Or you can do what most of are going to do which is try to tune it out. […]

South African Unemployment – Blame Lousy Schools  $


This is a story about the wrenching problem of unemployment in South Africa – still close to 24% and over 60% for those under 30.

Inane Lefties and Smug Bankers  $

Greece flag

This is what the Greek population has been left with and it really has become very hard to determine what the average person really wants.

Why is a Puerto Rico Default Risky for US Bonds? $

The Puerto Rico debt situation is gaining global awareness. The country owes more than $75 billion to creditors and will likely default on payments due to those creditors. The Government of the island country wants to reinvest funds back into the island’s economy to improve economic growth and opportunity. With that growth and opportunity, it […]

Hectic (Shortened) News Week. $

    There is a tremendous amount of business and financial news breaking almost every hour. We want to try and keep you apprised of the developments so we are going to use a slightly different version of the EIB to do so.

Battle over Greek Fate is Battle Within Germany $


The single biggest roadblock to a Greek deal is Angela Merkel and the Germans in general. That is really not entirely an accurate statement as the biggest roadblock is the inability of the Syriza leaders to see that their demands are pure fantasy. It is the Germans that will not allow the rest of the […]

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