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Unprecedented in the Other Direction

Government debt as a percentage of GDP has gone the other way – increased. It’s still an unprecedented level and something that we have never seen in the history of keeping this stat back to the 1960’s.   Lawmakers are happy that current projections show the deficit easing over the next two or three years, […]

Not Unprecedented, But Really Low.

The participation rate has been widely publicized of late. We don’t need to go over it much. But, it is important to note that we haven’t seen a participation rate this low since August of 1977.  For those of you who aren’t good at quick math, that’s 38 years.   We know that the retirements […]

Velocity of Money $

Another one that we have thrown at you several times is the velocity of money. Typically, when the velocity of money is high in an economy, dollars are trading hands quickly and the economy is generally doing better than in times of “no or slow” velocity. Thus, observation #2.

Exceptional Times We Live In. $

  We hear that these are exceptional times. That’s a phrase that I hear no less than probably 20 times a week as I listen to people try and describe the stock market, financial markets, geopolitical situation, and even the end of times.

Challenger Report Shows Layoffs Up. $

There was a significant rise in September layoff activity at US corporations. The Challenger, Gray, and Christmas report on layoffs for the month showed that those figures rose by 43%, the third highest month-over-month increase this year.

Manufacturing Disappoints. $

It wasn’t a surprise to those watching the manufacturing sector and the regional ISM reports over the past week. We knew that the national manufacturing composite figure would come in weak.  And, to be honest, most economists thought it would come in a little weaker than it did. The top line composite figure came in […]

Auto Sales Surge in September. $

Let’s kick today’s brief off with some really positive news – and it comes out of the automotive sector. Ford, GM, and Chrysler all reported sales in September that surged. They were up 23%, 12%, and 14% respectively. There was a bit of a caveat in the data however.

Slight Rise in Jobless Claims 

The jobless numbers were off a tiny bit this week but the average remains healthy – this is basically normal turnover and less even than many analysts had expected. The smaller number of summer hires was an issue earlier in the year but now it seems to have helped as there have not been as […]

Durable Goods Orders Retreat $

As expected the level of durable goods orders fell this month and the revisions of the prior month went down as well. This month the numbers fell by 2.0% compared to August and the July numbers were revised from a 2.2% increase to one of 1.9%. This slump has not taken anybody by surprise, as […]

Time to Turn to Education. $

We did a project for a client this week looking at education spending across several states. What we saw in the data not only shocked us, but it shocked our clients. The spending for education infrastructure (buildings, heating and cooling, etc.) is absolutely deplorable in some states. The state of Colorado has one of the […]

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