Seasonal Hiring Surges. $

We don’t have the figures yet for Q4, but when we look at the transportation and retail sector combined, we can count just about 800,000 seasonal jobs being created across just a dozen or so companies.  What’s amazing (and telling about the future of job creation), FedEx, UPS, and Amazon alone will create more than […]

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Dollar Rises, Pound Dives.

The British Pound fell to 31 year lows on fears that the UK may deal with a “hard exit”. That’s the notion that the UK would invoke Article 50 in March and the immediate ramifications would be felt in the months leading up to that and immediately following – not the two year waiting period […]

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About What Was Expected $

The report today will play an outsize role and for a variety of reasons. There is the usual impact the unemployment numbers will have on the decisions the Fed makes and then there is the political impact as this will be very close to the election. There will be more data pertinent to the labor […]

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Housing Concerns?

There are few comments that bring as much fear to the heart of the investor than reference to a housing bubble. The crash of 2008-2009 has by now been oversimplified by legions of analysts and commentators and now the perceived wisdom holds that this whole recession and subsequent slow growth and recovery period was due […]

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Credit Risk and Retailers $

  Many of our important relationships are with credit managers around the world. Our work in understanding markets and the forces bearing down on corporations obviously crosses well with the credit risk industry.  But, they know something that the rest of us are just starting to figure out: brick-and-mortar retail is in some real trouble.

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