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Construction Becoming National Growth Engine? $

We (economists) are all finally waking up to the strength emerging in the construction sector. It’s across all sectors (except Government), private and public construction of residential and non-residential structures. Although the Fed data in the chart at right is dated (Q1), you can see the trend for construction as a percent of GDP.  Estimates […]

Automotive Sales Hit Ten Year Highs. $

US automotive sales have hit a ten year high, eclipsing rates that we thought were very strong earlier this year. Measured in annualized units, the latest reading for auto sales showed that we are on pace to sell about 17.8 million vehicles according to Autodata. Although this is not the official rate, the Autodata information […]

Manufacturing Rocks Markets. $

It wasn’t just the foreign markets that rattled markets today, we also got it from within the US. At a time when we normally see US corporations cranking out products getting ready for the busy peak retail season, we got a dip in the PMI.

What Does that Revised Number Tell Us? $

Given all that has taken place in the last few weeks it is important to take some of this GDP news with a certain grain of salt. The major caveat is that this is data from about six months ago and certainly doesn’t reflect the chaos that has gripped the markets over the last week […]

Now Children – What Lessons have we Learned? $

 Lesson number one is “do not assume you know that much about the inner workings of the Chinese economy. This is not a nation that has all that much in common with the US or Europe or Japan. It is a nation where the vast majority of the economy is under direct state control and […]

Just What you Were Waiting On: the Trimmed Mean PCE.

We know that deep down you were waiting with baited breath for the Dallas Fed to release their Trimmed Mean PCE report. Right? The Trimmed Mean PCE is an alternative way of looking at core inflation.  It is actually one of the metrics that Fed Officials (behind closed doors) rely on perhaps more than many […]

We’ve Hesitated to Tell This Story…But $

    We have a story that we have been keeping to ourselves for a number of years. But, as you know, this is the ten year anniversary of Katrina. And, there are a lot of reporters using the anniversary to point a lot of fingers at folks saying what was or was not done […]

CBO GDP Forecast Released Today. $


It didn’t make the national news in any great way, but the Congressional Budget Office (which is supposed to be apolitical), released its budget forecast for the Federal Government along with its US GDP forecast for 2015 and 2016/2017.

New Home Sales Steady.

The number of new home sales hit an annualized rate of about 507,000 in July. That’s in-line with where we have been for most of the year, and the metric has improved in general since about May of 2008 when we posted a rate of 504,000.   New home sales are not breaking records and […]

It’s All About Perspective. $

  The last five days have been an interesting one. If you are like me, you went through a wave of emotional reactions to the global stock market volatility. I got caught up in it. I couldn’t sleep through most of the weekend waiting on the anticipated sell-off that came Monday (if that wasn’t a […]

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