Nicole Holding Up Her Big Brother.

One of the reasons that Hurricane Matthew is likely to do an “about face” and move back toward the coast is that Hurricane Nicole is sitting off to Matthew’s East – and is preventing him from heading out to sea. Nicole only has maximum sustained winds of 80 mph, and she might impact Bermuda. But, […]

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Purposefully Overlooking the Obvious $

Purposefully Overlooking the Obvious   $

  At the time of writing on Thursday, the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew were just starting to hit the Florida Coast. Depending on where the storm comes ashore (and it is expected to move right up the shoreline), that will determine what type of damage we have. According to forecasters, just a 10 mile […]

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Matthew is a Major Hurricane. $

Hurricane Matthew is going to become and remain a major hurricane in the Caribbean. We probably got saved from a major humanitarian disaster since it looks like it will avoid the tent cities in Haiti, still holding perhaps as many as 50,000 people. The hurricane appears as though it will deliver a direct hit on […]

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Active Tropics. $

The tropics just got really active, at least in the photo from the National Hurricane Center at right. If you look at the satellite photo from the NHC, there are 6 areas that are currently being watched. That’s a record for us, since we have been watching this over the past decade or so.

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More Rain for Florida.

The state doesn’t need it, but it will get inundated with more rain this week as a tropical system sits perched over the northern part of Florida and Southern Georgia. Flood watches are already posted for the region, one that is already soaked from the last storm that passed over it less than 10 days […]

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