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Erika a Storm to Watch.

Tropical storm Erika has spun up in the lower Atlantic off the Leeward Islands and will track in a range that will allow it to clip Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and other islands in the Atlantic. Although Erika will experience some of the same challenges that the last tropical storm faced (wind shear […]

Danny will Likely Fizzle Out.

Current Category 2 hurricane Danny is moving toward the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico.  Meteorologists were showing a couple of conditions including a strong upper level system that will create shear that will likely strip the top out of the storm and a dust storm out of Africa that will reduce the fuel that it […]

Two Typhoons to Impact Production Zones in Asia.

There are “Twin Typhoons” that are about to impact the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan over the next week. These storms have the potential to significantly disrupt supply chain activities for those companies sourcing products in these countries.   The first is Typhoon Goni which is currently taking aim at the northern edges of the Philippines […]

Danny Popped Up in a Hurry.

Tropical storm Danny is now spinning up in the central Atlantic. The storm was born off of a system leaving the African Continent and it has formed with winds at about 40 mph at this stage. With the movement of the storm and its projected strengthening, Danny is expected to be a hurricane by Thursday […]

Yellowstone Super Volcano: Quick, Panic…or Not.

Sometimes, we have to throw in the light-hearted just to break up the day. On the environmental front, there just isn’t a lot of news outside of the El Nino story we posted earlier. But, in scanning the world for items of interest, we came upon this long story predicting that the Yellowstone Super Volcano […]

Biggest El Nino Ever? $

  There was a lot of talk today about El Nino digging in harder in the Pacific – and possibly creating the strongest El Nino condition in history. That will do a couple of really interesting things that business people need to pay attention to – the biggest thing is that it could help ease […]

Atlantic Clear

There is still no major activity in the Atlantic to be concerned about. This is shaping up to be an inactive year much like the last three that we have had in the Atlantic Hurricane season – which is a good thing for business, property, and human safety. We are now starting to make the […]

Powerful Typhoon to hit Taiwan Continue on to China.

We are hitting a critical time in the global trade cycle. Many shipments are leaving Taiwan and China for the US to make it in time for the peak retail season. Bad timing, because a major Typhoon is bearing down on Taiwan and will hit it this weekend. The storm, named Soudelor, has weakened just […]

California Wildfires Raging. $

There are many sites on the web that can give you up to date information on the current wildfire situation. And, by the time we typically go to print with our briefings, the situation in a fire condition can change rapidly.

Watching Atlantic over Next 48 Hours.

Aside from the torrential rains that flooded big portions of Florida over the weekend, there is an area just off the South Carolina coast that is seeing the makings of a tropical storm fire up. The National Hurricane Center has increased the potential for this storm to take on tropical characteristics to about 40%. That […]

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