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IMF Wades Right in

There are times that one can see just how irritated the IMF has been with the US. The truth is that the US and the IMF have not often seen eye-to-eye as this is an organization that has been dominated by the Europeans for more years than not and there have been policies pursued by […]

No End in Sight as Far as ISIS Growth

It has been reported that ISIS now controls over half of Syria and has just seized Palmyra – an ancient historical city than many fear will now be destroyed utterly by the new occupiers. The half of Syria that ISIS controls is mostly desert and that leaves the bulk of the Syrian population under control […]

China Row Growing over Spratley Island. $


It’s all over CNN, because they had a reporter on-board a US surveillance plane that was threatened 8 times by Chinese navy officials to get out of their airspace. The problem is, the international community doesn’t recognize the area as being China’s. We have covered the disputes in the South China seas for years. China […]

Zuma Mired in Scandal and South Africa Suffers 

The South African economy should be the engine for at least the southern sections of Africa if not the whole of the continent but that has never quite developed and maybe never will. This is the Brazil of Africa – the country of the future and always will be. The nation that started with the […]

Can the US/Iran/Saudi Arabia avoid conflict this week?

Multiple sources are reporting that Iran has sent a humanitarian ship to Yemen. It sailed yesterday with a battle escort and is destined for Yemen. Saudi Arabia coupled with US naval presence in the region has vowed to prevent any non-UN supported ships from docking at Yemen ports as part of a naval blockade to […]

Russia Vexes Europe Again 


The more things change the more they stay the same. In the Cold War days the Soviet Union delighted in being able to mess with the plans of the western states through the use of their UN Security Council vote. As Russia they can still do this. The Europeans are desperate to stem the tide […]

Things Getting Dicey in European Elections  $

Europe 1

There has certainly been plenty of drama as far as the European elections are concerned. The British campaigns are about at their end and it is looking certain that neither the Conservatives nor Labor will get the support they need to emerge with a clear mandate. The voters are deeply split and it is now […]

Geopolitical Risk Blasts $


If you have flipped on any media over the past week or so, you would be inundated with the Baltimore riots, corporate earnings, and Presidential hopeful announcements. But, while you were away, here’s what you missed on the global geopolitical front:   British sources say that Iranian companies falling under UN sanctions have been actively […]

Tensions Mount in Straits of Hormuz 

strait of hormuz

The Iranian navy has seized a container ship belonging to the Maersk line as it was running a service between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The ship asserts that it was not in Iranian waters but Iran disagrees and US naval ships in the region agree with the Iranians at the moment. This is not […]

Desperate EU Reaction Condemned


One of the planks of the EU response to the waves of illegal migrants risking everything to sail across the Mediterranean has been a plan to destroy the boats that could be used for such a voyage. This would essentially mean sinking anything that floats so that it could not be pressed into service by […]

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