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How Does the Migrant Crisis Change Europe 

In truth it will have an impact on many aspects of the Eurozone. It is going to force some extreme reactions as nations try to stem the flow of refugees and it will change the relationship between the states in Europe and the states in the Middle East and North Africa where the migrants are […]

Migrant Issue Threatens to Overwhelm a Fragile Europe $


For nearly a decade the Middle East and North Africa have been deteriorating but nothing matches the accelerated pace of chaos that threatens to engulf a Europe without the resources to cope. Tens of thousands of desperate refugees are flooding into the southern states of Europe seeking some kind of asylum or escape. They come […]

Saudi Troops in Yemen.


For the first time since fighting broke out between Saudi Arabia and Yemen Iran-backed Houthi Rebels, Saudi troops have put real boots on the ground in Yemen. The action was not broadcast widely, at least none of the prominent US media sites were giving it any attention.

China September 3rd Military Parade will be Massive.

chinese militarry parade

We don’t get too many of these in the United States, but China will host a massive military parade in Beijing on September 3rd to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The government has accepted more than “850,000 voluntary residents” to help police with information and patrolling of the parade […]

Keeping an Eye on Egypt. $


It has gone largely unnoticed, but there have been a string of bombings in Egypt that are not from the Muslim Brotherhood as many would suspect, they have been claimed by the Islamic State (IS). A small group of jihadist has claimed responsibility, and allegiance, to IS for recent car bombings throughout the country.

China Seeks a Scapegoat 

li keqiang

Every time there is a financial sector emergency one can be assured that there will be blame assigned. The US has a tendency to find fault with institutions and that usually means banks and investment groups as well as some in the government that should have known better. The Chinese prefer to go after a […]

Watch the Defense Sector. $


If you checked out defense sector stocks today, you saw everything red (what else was new on the stock market today?).  But, there is some saber rattling happening around the world that we haven’t really seen in a couple of years.  As mentioned, North Korea has reportedly “approved” a “final” attack plan against South Korea […]

Thai Government Struggles with Bombing Aftermath 

This kind of attack is never supposed to happen in a nation like Thailand. There are many things the population may assume about the government when the military is not in control but when a junta has taken over the assumption is that there will at least be peace. The massive bomb in the center […]

Turkey Headed for Snap Elections

The last set of elections left the Turks without a functioning majority in the parliament. The lack of a ruling position for the AKP marks a departure from the pattern of the last six years. The public support for the Islamically inspired party of Reccip Tayyip Erdogan has eroded as he has become more and […]

Has Trump Made the US a Laughingstock? 

There has been a great deal of global commentary on the Donald Trump phenomenon. Most of it has been highly critical and accuses the US of being a nation of extremists and fools for supporting a candidate like this one. Consider the fact that France is currently placing a virulently anti-immigrant and right wing extremist […]

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