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Canada’s Conservatives in Trouble? $

If one had asked that question even a few weeks ago the answer would have been strong no. The Tories under Stephen Harper seemed destined for a victory and an extension of their government as neither of the left leaning parties seemed to have put forward a candidate the nation was able to rally around […]

The Multi-Faceted Strategy Putin is Undertaking. $


The world has finally taken note as Russian bombs and missiles are now hitting Syrian targets. The problem is that those targets include many of the Free Syrian Army Rebels that are backed by the US and its loose NATO alliance.  As we have written about many times, Russia backs the Assad regime and believes […]

A Story Not Making Many US Headlines $

    It’s not getting a lot of headlines, but Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a UN address on Thursday that he would welcome Russian airstrikes on ISIS targets in Iraq. Reuters reported a “sideline” conversation between Abadi and French Press. Here’s what he said:   “We were expecting the international coalition, Americans […]

Does it Matter if Catalans want to Leave? $

The vote this weekend in Catalonia is not really a vote on secession as this is illegal in the Spanish constitution. This is a vote on what party combination is going to rule in the region but the message that has been sent by both sides is that this is really something of a referendum […]

The Syrian Morass $

There has been no shortage of turmoil in the Middle East, strife has been dominating the region for decades if not centuries. The US has been engaged in most of these conflicts in one way or the other and this has led to significant fatigue as far as the situation in Syria is concerned. Nobody […]

Boehner Resignation Could Prevent Shutdown – or Not. $

We can only pretend to understand the nature of politics. We know that deal-making is fast and furious right now as we approach the deadline on preventing a Government shutdown.  And even though there is a mixed chance of a shutdown or a compromise, the resignation of House Speaker Boehner probably paves the way for […]

Details Emerge on Netanyahu Visit to Moscow  $


Although not all of the trip details were disclosed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly developed a set of routines that would prevent an Israel/Russia accidental confrontation over Syria as both countries (plus the United States) start to engage ISIS there.

Did Sanctions on Russia Hurt the US Economy?   $


Today was a series of small stories, and thoughts. We had one about Russia and the sanctions that were levied against them for actions in Ukraine. Lately, the IMF and others have listed the problems in BRIC nations as one of the biggest risks to global growth – and the risk that this all ends […]

Migration Issue Creates Crisis After Crisis in Europe  $


The surge of desperate people from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia has utterly overwhelmed a Europe that never saw this coming. That alone is an indictment of the regimes in place in Europe as every refugee and migrant organization in the world knew this was coming and […]

Is this the Next Global Distraction? $


The world has been somewhat focused on the Federal Reserve and whether it will take a hike or not. Sure, that’s an economic factor, but one that has far-reaching implications and it has dominated conversation and news time. But, there is something brewing that we don’t completely have our fingers on, but we’ll bet it […]

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