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Latest on the Fukushima Decommissioning Progress. $

We haven’t written in a long time about the Fukushima Daiichi Plant in Japan and the process that the plant would go through to secure, stabilize, and decommission the plant. When we wrote about this last, workers were going to go through a very dangerous process of trying to remove over 292 spent fuel rods […]

Iranian Leader’s Comments Puts Administration in Spin Cycle. $

Just as the President and Secretary of State Kerry were taking a case to Congress as to why they should approve the Iranian Uranium Enrichment deal, they were scrambling to cover a political disaster.

Understanding Israel and Saudi Arabia’s Concern. $

The recent Iran nuclear negotiation and deal had a fairly simple objective (as the President said yesterday): stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. If the administration was successful in getting inspection rights and could quickly put sanctions right back in place, in their mind that was a successful geopolitical negotiation. And to the President’s […]

Level 1, 2, and 3 Thinking. $

I was talking with an Executive the other day about some frustrations that they were having with getting an advanced strategic viewpoint understood in their organization. To this executive, the vision was so clear and the path so obvious. Why couldn’t others see it without significantly “dumbing it down”?

Ukraine is Not Happy with Greece  $

Greece map

It is not that the Prime Minister of Ukraine is upset that the Greeks finally got a deal but he wonders why a nation with a quarter of the population of Ukraine stands to get some $300 billion in aid while his gets around $25 billion. The short answer is that Greece is part of […]

The Politics of the Greek Deal $


As is often repeated there are some things that one should avoid seeing being made – sausage is at the top of that list and is followed shortly by politics. The final capitulation of the Tsipras government was not pretty and has likely set off a whole set of reactions in Greece and by extension […]

Interesting: Russia May Restrict Junk Food Advertising. $


Just to throw a little bit of “interesting” into your day, there is a proposal in Russia to eliminate or significantly restrict advertising of soda, potato chips, margarine, sausages, and pastries in the country. Perhaps even more interestingly, it was the Sports Committee of the State Duma that introduced the draft legislation. The legislation would […]

Japan Loses a City Every Year for the Next 50 Years $


This is how bad the population decline is going to be in Japan through at least the 2060s. This island state will be inhabited by an elderly population dependent on a tiny handful of workers and this all bit guarantees a total collapse of the economy unless there are major changes in the social structure […]

The Greatest Risk From Greek Situation Could be Realized. $


As we have said before, it’s rare for us to pull someone else’s work and republish parts of it for consumption here. But, there was a report this morning from ZeroHedge that we thought was well done and we wanted to offer up some of it here (link to full story here:

Chinese Authorities Open Securities Probe.

Chinese Money1

It wasn’t what the Chinese stock market needed, but overnight, Chinese regulators announced that they were opening a probe into securities manipulation across its markets. That sent the Shanghai Composite from a 3% loss to a 6% loss in a matter of minutes as investors fled the market.   At some point, the market will […]

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