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Iran and the Middle East $


Unraveling the complexity that surrounds Iran and its role in the Middle East is next to impossible and what worries the majority of the analysts assessing the current set of negotiations is that the western leaders engaged in the talks have far less of a stake in the outcome as do the leaders in the […]

Is Italy Setting Itself Up for the Next Multi-Pronged Crisis? $


There was an article in the UK Spectator that was very well done. It focused on the Italian situation and its migration policies. These policies, being legal but very liberal, are setting the country up for a significant challenge ahead.

Thailand Gets First MERS Case.


This is still not the same crisis as we got in the early 2000’s with SARS, but the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is still creating problems in South Korea and now the fear has spread to Thailand. Authorities in Thailand have confirmed the first case of MERS in the country after a business traveler returned […]

Unity Appearing in Fight against Islamic State?  $


It is far too early to tell and there will be a lot of setbacks as there have been in the past but there are signs that the world has started to unify in its anti-ISIS strategy. Up to this point the estimate has been that ISIS was much like al-Qaeda – only more vicious. […]

Cold War ‘Fear’ is Real. $


You may have seen this bouncing around social media or perhaps even on the evening news. But, there was a thunderstorm cloud in Russia that sparked fears among citizens that a nuclear war has started.  Thousands of people took to social media to see if it was the beginning of a nuclear war.

Keeping an Eye on MERS in Asia. $


There is a mild outbreak of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which is in the same family as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) that killed about 700 people in 2003 and led to a brief Asian recession.  The current outbreak of MERS started in Saudi Arabia in 2012, but has recently made its first […]

ISIS Shuts Water to Iraqi Dam in Ramadi. $


It isn’t being reported widely at this stage, but ISIS fighters in Iraq have reportedly shut down a key dam in Ramadi that will create what some believe will be a humanitarian crisis. This comes as officials meet in Europe to discuss the crisis in Iraq and how to deal with ISIS from an international […]

Soccer Scandal $


Confess it – if you are a typical American reader you care about as much about what happens in the world of soccer as you care about the badminton rankings. If, however, you are from the rest of the world football doesn’t involve 350 pound behemoths.

China Deploys Missile Batteries on “Island”. $


This should not be a shock to anyone, it’s what the Chinese Government really wanted in the long run as it builds an “island” in the South China Sea in disputed waters. Everyone is covering it, we won’t linger on it long. Since we write for business interest, what we want to just point out […]

IMF Wades Right in

There are times that one can see just how irritated the IMF has been with the US. The truth is that the US and the IMF have not often seen eye-to-eye as this is an organization that has been dominated by the Europeans for more years than not and there have been policies pursued by […]

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