The Battle for Mosul  $

This conflict is not going to get the attention it deserves due to the preoccupation with the campaign in the US. This story really should be at the top of the hour on every broadcast and on the front page of every newspaper. This battle will be the most intense and bloody since the US […]

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Brazil: Not Funny. $

I had to read a report headline about three times to fully understand what it was telling us. The headline was “Brazil Industrial Production Falls Least in Over a Year”.  My first thought was probably like yours, “Oh, good news out of Brazil finally”. But, peel back the onion and we see something else.

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Assessing the Impact of Brexit. $

We are now in the phase of Brexit analysis that can be best described as “dueling”. There are economists and analysts arrayed on both sides of the discussion and at the end of each report one will have a far better sense of the politics of the authors than one will have on the impact […]

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More Intrigue in Brazil. $

The man who essentially drove Dilma Rousseff from power was the former speaker of the House in Brazil – Eduardo Cunha. He won that battle but was promptly attacked by her supporters and accused of corruption. These charges led to his expulsion from the legislature but now he is threatening to launch a counterblow of […]

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