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Oil Slips – Why?

OPEC is rumored to be getting “their act together” on production freezes and we have a tropical storm possibly rumbling through the Gulf (which pulls staff off of off-shore rigs – and typically has pushed oil prices higher).  And yet, the price of crude oil is going down today. Why would that be? Everything is […]

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Oil Prices Continue to Rise. $

Oil prices continue to rise and were on pace to hit $48.50 a barrel in trading on Thursday.  Once again, we listened to analysts all day long trying to rationalize how the price of oil could be going up when supplies are strong and there appears to be no consensus on cutting production. That would […]

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Cotton Surprise $

I love having the opportunity to present to the many different National Association of Credit Manager’s industrial groups. One of those focuses on the apparel industry and a story today caught my eye regarding cotton prices.   The Chinese Government has stockpiled enough cotton to build more than 10 billion pairs of pants according to […]

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