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Weaker Dollar, Geopolitics, and Oil Sees Nearly $60 a Barrel. $


We talked a little bit about this last week, but as the US dollar weakens, energy prices will instantly respond by increasing.   As we can see in the six month chart from Nasdaq at right, West Texas Intermediate has increased from $46 a barrel to nearly $60 in trading on Thursday. Some of this was […]

Brent Crude Surges on Iran Naval Vessel Boarding Rumor. $


Brent North Sea Crude has shot up (slightly) to $64.52 a barrel on a report out today that Iran boarded a foreign flagged vessel.  The vessel was the Maersk Tigris, a ship flying under the Marshall Islands flag. According to US sources, Iranian gunboats fired across the bow of the cargo ship and “forced it […]

Saudi Arabia Wields the Crude Oil Sword. $


When your enemies get the majority of their GDP from oil and you sit on top of a mound of cash and have a ton of the commodity yourself, it can become a tool of war. Saudi Arabia boosted their crude oil output by 659,000 barrels in March to average about 10.3 million per day […]

Crude Oil Inching Up. $

Crude oil prices are inching up once again largely because of two factors. First, there is some evidence now that the impact of low oil prices is having a material impact on output in the shale oil sector. What investors now believe is happening is that enough investment has been cut that total output is […]

Gasoline Price Update

We just wanted to show you that gasoline prices are still $1.18 per gallon lower than they were a year ago. Despite some more aggressive exporting by US refineries, we are still not seeing any major changes in prices at the pump – yet. What we want to watch over the next several weeks is […]

Be Aware, But Hold Tight on Worry about Oil. $

There are so many factors working on oil prices that it is difficult to even begin to forecast where this market is headed – and where your fuel costs are going. The chart at right is from the Nasdaq and it shows the current price of West Texas Intermediate. What you can see over the […]

Quick Jet Fuel Update.

This is a bit random, but we have covered diesel and gasoline a lot lately but haven’t hit jet fuel in a while. The chart at right shows the relative price of jet fuel in a 10 year range. Currently, jet fuel prices are still near lows not seen since the height of the financial […]

Headed Back to the 70’s.

There is some evidence that we could be entering a period of time that we saw not too many years ago in which we threw a $20 per barrel premium on top of foreign oil. Let’s assume that ground forces get used in several Middle Eastern countries and Turkey continues to inch a little closer […]

Watch Iran Negotiations and Oil. $

You may be wondering why Brent North Sea Crude is at an $11 per barrel premium to WTI. One of the reasons is that the US can’t export crude oil at this time. Of course, you knew that. But the other factor is that the Iranian nuclear negotiations aren’t going well.

OPEC Warns that it Can’t Stop Production. $

Kuwait’s foreign minister said on Thursday that OPEC can’t control output. In a push for each member to secure their market share, each is saying that they want to control output to help drive prices up against US shale production – but nobody is willing to follow through on it.

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