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Brazilian Real Being Watched by Farmers. $

Some of you that know us well laugh at us because you know we listen to the farm report each day. There’s a surprising amount of great information about the broader economy and what’s happening even around the world in the report.

World Food Prices Plummet – Not Helping Consumer Spending. $


This isn’t exactly a raw material story, but it does have a significant impact on what happens to commodity prices. The FAO under the United Nations publishes its World Food Price Index report – we’ve covered it in the past.

US Dollar Killing Grain Exports. $

Analysts who watch commodities are calling it a “selloff”. Commodities across the entire spectrum have experienced a sharp selloff – resulting in key commodities indexes visiting 13-year lows.   A strong US dollar is forcing grain marketers to miss out on buying opportunities all over the world. A major contract order from Egypt yesterday for […]

Ag Commodities Getting Crushed.


It’s early in the year, but agricultural commodities are getting crushed as oversupply and weaker global demand start to weigh on prices. The S&P GSCI Indices show us the last 35 days and the YTD performance in the sector.   The top line agriculture segment is down 12.4% YTD and nearly 3% in just the […]

Should Keep an Eye on Corn. $

Corn plantings were estimated higher than expected, which impacted corn futures today. The USDA said that farmers would plant a five year low level of corn at 89.2 million acres. This was down from the 90.6 million acres planted in 2014, but higher than the 88.7 million that analysts had been looking for. Those in […]

Pork Prices Continue to Stay Lower.

Pork prices have moved from 4 year highs to 4 year lows in just about six months. Viruses early last year killed millions of small pigs, which pushed prices to ten year highs. But, most swine can quickly replenish their herd sizes when allowed to breed quickly, and that’s apparently what has happened in the […]

A Crop Report – For the Rest of Us. $

You know that farmers and Ag specialists watch the Ag report with regularity. We don’t, as a general rule, report it every month. But, there is a way that the “rest of us” can look at the Ag report and understand how it may or may not impact food prices – and ultimately consumer spending.

Meat Prices Should Start to Ease $

cattle rancher

We have begun to see the anticipated drop in live cattle prices (which would eventually lead to cheaper meat prices at stores). As we have written many times, the drought led to many ranchers liquidating their herds and reducing the number of head of cattle that they had to carry-over and feed over the winter. […]

GSCI Shows Livestock Was the Place to Be $


We aren’t into investing, but there is an index that we do like to track, and just glancing at the S&P GSCI broad commodity indexes for full YTD, only the livestock index was positive for the full entire year, rising 14.9%. Industrial metals performed well, but still slipped by 7.6%. Grains and precious metals weren’t […]

Food Price Index Lowest Since 2010 $


The FAO Food Price Index has now hit the lowest level since 2010. If you take a look at the FAO chart at right showing the last five years of the index, we can see that we have just crossed over to the lowest price levels for any year other than 2010. In fact, it […]

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