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Industrial Metals All Down. $

If you pay attention to the market, you already have an understanding of what has been happening in the commodities complex.  The entire complex has gotten decimated over the past several months.

A Couple of Big Charts. $


There are a couple of big charts that you probably need to just be updated on. The first is not surprisingly the oil chart. Today, we saw WTI break below the $43 per barrel level which was considered to be a fairly critical psychological level. It closed this afternoon at $42.24. The chart at right […]

Industrial Metals Performing Better.


When we look at the industrial metals complex, we can see some stronger performance in some of the metals. The entire industrial metals group is up 7.9% in the past thirty days and 2.4% YTD. Aluminum is doing better as a specific commodity, up 6.8% in the last month and 2.5% higher YTD.   Copper […]

What the Transports are Telling Us about the Economy.

It’s a theme we continue to write about. Transportation continues to be one of the key barometers of economic activity. When the transportation sector is moving, America is moving (to borrow an old phrase).   There are also two different components to transportation that we have to consider. Those segments that move raw materials are […]

China Steel Market Woes Continue.

When we think about the Chinese steel industry (as a barometer for economic activity), we see prices down across the board. How do we explain it? Is it an oversupply issue? Or, is it one of not enough new construction and a real underweight in the Chinese economy?  In either case, it doesn’t matter too […]

Remember the Palladium Story? $

We just wanted to give you an update on Palladium prices – the primary metal used in catalytic converters (we wrote a lengthy article about it several weeks ago). Since many of you may not know how many different products include palladium, here is a list of uses from Stillwater Palladium and those include:

Industrial Metals Update for 2015 $

We mentioned throughout the last couple of years that the S&P Dow Jones Indices for commodities is one of our favorite sources for getting great summary information on the commodities complex. The data was tough to really use until we could get a bit further into the year, but we now have some solid data […]

4 Year Copper Chart a Warning Sign? $


Call it weakness in the IT sector or call it a sign that global economic weakness might be worse than we thought. Whatever your view of copper is, the chart isn’t pretty. We might have some copper oversupply issues at play here.

Update on Industrial Metals $


We have said many times that there are many ways to measure and monitor industrial metal prices. There are more ways to buy metals than there are companies tracking them. But, we have a favorite. The S&P GSCI Index is just one of those sources that give us a nice scorecard for certain commodities. You […]

Copper Prices Continue to Drop $


The copper market used to be one of the global economic indicators we could all watch to get a good idea of what was happening with the rest of the global economy. As one of the primary inputs into the manufacturing process, when copper was rising, so was global manufacturing demand. And, we know that […]

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