Lockheed Breakthrough on Sensing Energy and Metals? $

Lockheed Breakthrough on Sensing Energy and Metals?    $

I want to first give full credit for this story to and Zainab Calcuttawala, they broke it late yesterday (full story here: Link to Full Story). But, we like game-changer stuff like this. Here’s what Zainab wrote about a new sensor technology from Lockheed that could increase the effectiveness of finding resources deep in […]

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The Quiet “Creeping” of Copper. $

If you have been with us for a while, you know that copper is one of those “market indicator” commodities that we like to watch. It’s used as a raw material in so many products that it can sometimes be a fairly accurate proxy for broader manufacturing activity – and general economic demand.   So, […]

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Watch Aluminum Prices.

Just a short piece…but India is expected to increase consumption of aluminum in construction and manufacturing at the rate of 20 million tonnes (MT) in the “near future”.  Today, it consumes 2MT and produces about 15MT.  Do the math, That leaves them about 5MT short of meeting demand if their figures are accurate.   If […]

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Some Industrial Metals Stabilizing. $

According to the latest GSCI indexes from S&P, there is some stabilization occurring in primary industrial metals in December. That could be because of some early order activity building for Q1. The dollar has certainly not been a friend of commodity prices to the degree that it continues to keep a lid on prices and […]

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