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What the Transports are Telling Us about the Economy.

It’s a theme we continue to write about. Transportation continues to be one of the key barometers of economic activity. When the transportation sector is moving, America is moving (to borrow an old phrase).   There are also two different components to transportation that we have to consider. Those segments that move raw materials are […]

A Commodity Roundup. $

Here’s one of the reasons why we haven’t been really writing much about commodities: the story is a broken record since the beginning of the year.  A lot of it can be blamed on a really strong dollar, but a lack of global demand is also part of the story. But the bottom line is […]

Bloomberg Commodity Index Flirts with All-Time Lows.

The Bloomberg Commodity Index is a conglomeration of the most important commodities and is probably a bit too generic for most of you. But, it is important to note that the index closed at 99.14, just .22 points from its all-time low of 98.92. You can see in the 5 year chart at right from […]

The Drop in Commodities in One Data Point $


There was a big drop in commodity prices today. More details on specific commodities below. But, when we try to understand why there was a big drop-off in these commodities – we can look to one chart. The dollar continues to gain strength against a bucket of foreign commodities –

EPA to go in front of Supreme Court $


The EPA will have its efforts to curb emissions in power plants and factories challenged at the Supreme Court level. Lower courts of appeals have ruled that the agency has the authority to take emissions standards on greenhouse gases levied at the automotive sector and apply the same standards to other air pollutants in non-moving […]

Cement Prices Volatile and Unpredictable $

cement mixer

Cement might as well be gold in places like Saudi Arabia and across many sectors in Asia. The Saudi King will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in creating new cement production facilities in what they are calling a “crisis” of supply in the country. The King has also authorized the importation of more than […]

Concrete Canvas Field Shelter $


Now that we are seeing some interesting investment by businesses in technology and new innovative products, we may run some of them from time to time. A source of ours made us aware of the item in the picture to the right, the Concrete Canvas Shelter. A short 2:30 video gives you an idea of […]

Weaker US dollar Impacting most Commodities $

rolled steel

There isn’t a lot of news to tell on the long-term impact of a weaker US dollar. Economic activity is volatile enough that we don’t have a great idea of what to expect for the dollar moving forward. However, a drop in the dollar today helped to boost

Baltic Dry Index Update – Slow Improvement of Bulk Rates $

BDI- May2012

Those of you who have been with us a while know that we track the Baltic Dry Index closely and that it has been hit hard since the spring of 2009 with an overcapacity issue. We have seen a slight improvement in the index over the past quarter albeit slow. The chart at right from Bloomberg […]

Durable Goods Orders

durable goods march2012

The Durable Goods Orders for March were a mixed bag of sorts. The highlights below from our friends at TranSystems provides an executive summary of the findings: Total orders fell 4.2%, the largest drop in three years. But, [This content is for MEMBERS ONLY. Please click Subscribe in the upper right corner to continue.]

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