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Business Intelligence Brief: October 8, 2015

What was on their Mind? It was to be the month the Federal Reserve hiked rates – everybody said so. Even the most cautious and careful of the economists had finally gone out on a limb and asserted the September rate hike was a sure thing. And then it wasn’t. The comments that were coming […]

Business Intelligence Brief: October 7, 2015

Exports Decline and Trade Gap Widens This is generally how this works and of late the US has been struggling to keep the export sector healthy. This has been the difference between a sharp recession and a real depression for the last few years but that period looks to be over as the various global […]

Great Leaders Cultivate Great Followers

An article in last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal extolled the importance of being a great business follower. Yes, it encouraged people to develop strong following skills. That makes sense given a quote from a Carnegie Mellon University professor that followers perform 70 to 90 percent of all work. Despite this stat’s support for the importance […]

Business Intelligence Brief: October 6, 2015

Two Birds With One Stone? The conversation has barely started but there is an attempt underway in Congress to link two of the more controversial and pressing issues facing the country. At the moment there is no real sense of how successful this effort will be but it is one of the rare cases where […]

Business Intelligence Brief: October 5, 2015

How Bad Was It? The jobs report from last Friday was not what anybody wanted to see but it was not far from what many had expected. Going into the week there had been signals suggesting the job engine was starting to sputter and by the end of Friday afternoon there was a generally sour […]

Business Intelligence Brief: October 2, 2015

US and the Debt Ceiling The US will be short of the cash needed to meet its obligations by November 5. This is a little sooner than had been expected as the Treasury has engaged in all the manipulations and adjustments it can think of to put off the point at which the country has […]

Business Intelligence Brief: September 29, 2015

Home Sales Off in August The bloom is most definitely off as far as the housing sector is concerned but thus far this is not unexpected and it doesn’t seem to constitute a crisis. The latest pending home sales data is off by 1.4% – this is the measure of signings for previously owned homes […]

Business Intelligence Brief: September 30, 2015

Home Prices Range Dramatically According to the Case Shiller index the price for a home in the US has continued to go up – by 4.7% this month after a 4.5% rise the month before. This is a pretty solid gain but there is a great deal of variety within that national number as there […]

Could Your Customers Help You Innovate More Productively?

We were talking with a strategist the other day. He was fresh off two recent experiences working with clients overtly embracing co-creation as part of their innovation strategies. In plain terms, these organizations were including customers as participants in organized discussions focused on innovation. The hope, in each case, was to develop better innovation strategies […]

Business Intelligence Brief: September 28, 2015

Consumers Still Spending – Sort Of The latest data as far as consumer spending is encouraging but it is nothing to write home about and it doesn’t seem to take any of the pressure off the Fed as far as inflation is concerned. For those who have been following the saga of the Fed, the […]

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