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Business Intelligence Brief: August 3, 2015

Celebrating the TPP Seems to be Premature There were some who asserted that once Congress managed to award the President fast track authority the Trans Pacific Partnership would be a sure thing. The fast track powers meant that the deal would have to be voted up or down and that Congress would not be allowed […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 30, 2015

What is Wrong with Kids Today? This is a lament that has doubtless been heard from every generation that has ever existed given though there are always substantial differences between those in the current cohort and those that have gone before them. It has often been suggested that youth is wasted on the young. These […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 29, 2015

Consumers are not Happy The latest report from the Conference Board is not welcome – at all. The expectation as far as consumer are concerned was that there would be a slight decline from the revised readings of last month but that it would still show very robust confidence levels. The readings in June were […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 28, 2015

Durable Goods Numbers Improve The data obtained from the durable goods orders can be very volatile and there are always a whole set of caveats when it is released. These are the goods that are designed to last more than three years and that is a very broad category. On the one hand there are […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 27, 2015

How Real is the “Gig” Economy? The annoying thing about data is that it often forces people to rethink assumptions. At least if you are one of those people who like to base opinions on facts. For the last few years there has been an assertion that jobs were changing radically due to the combination […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 24, 2015

Creating Jobs There is no more common refrain in a political campaign speech – Democrat or Republican. The candidate will promise to “create” jobs and everybody in the assembled multitude will applaud lustily. It makes sense given that the majority of voters put the economy at the top of their list as far as issues […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 23, 2015

Politics of Productivity The election year focus is already pretty clear and it comes as little shock to those who have watched campaigns over the years. The issue is always “the economy, stupid” but more often than not the reactions in the speeches are geared to symptoms as opposed to causes. That makes the “solutions” […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 22, 2015

Politics Rears its Ugly Head – Again The Federal Reserve Board of Governors has been down by two for over a year. The retirement of Jeremy Stein and Elizabeth Duke created the vacancies. Stein was required to return to Harvard if he wanted to protect his tenured status and Duke delayed her departure for almost […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 22, 2015

Full Complement for Fed? The Federal Reserve Board has been down two members for the better part of the last two years. This means that the most powerful economic authority in the country has been firing on less than all cylinders. It is not that the remaining members are not capable of making decisions without […]

Business Intelligence Brief: July 20, 2015

Hiring and Pay are not Accidental The impression left in many minds is that employers and employees are locked in some kind of game where a victory for one is a defeat for the other. It seems that most believe that employers sit around and scheme about how they can pay their employees less and […]

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