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BOR 02.14.18

Briefing: Wednesday 14, February 2018   Executive Summary Breaking Down the Infrastructure Plan. It was big news yesterday when the Administration rolled out its infrastructure proposal. It still must work its way through Congress, and there are some interesting bi-partisan views on it that might help it see the light of day.   Small Business […]

BOR 02.09.18

Briefing: Friday 9, February 2018 Executive Summary Perhaps They Nailed It on the Health of the Consumer. Wells Fargo perhaps asked the best question yesterday when it comes to consumer spending and what the consumer will or won’t be able to do in the coming years. The Big Question We Keep Getting. It seems like […]

BOR 02.01.18

Briefing: Thursday 1, February 2018   Executive Summary What Was in the Fed Report that Matters.  A lot of news coverage of the Fed’s January decision on interest rates pushed off the decision “not” to raise rates as just an expected outcome.  It was expected. After all, with Janet Yellen being replaced before the next […]

BOR 12.01.17

Briefing: Friday 1, December 2017   Executive Summary Inflation Still Elusive.  There isn’t a significant increase in wage inflation, but we see producer prices inching up.  Combined, those factors offset each other and inflation isn’t showing up in overall price inflation gauges.   Manufacturing Remains Steady in November.  The ISM released its November manufacturing report and […]

BOR 12.06.17

Briefing: Wednesday 6, December 2017   Executive Summary California Fires Continuing Concern.  We won’t try to be the news for you – there are others out there covering the minute-by-minute developments on the California wildfires very well.  But, just know that there is a continuous situation developing in and around LA regarding fires that are […]

BOR 12.08.17

Briefing: Friday 8, December 2017   Executive Summary Short Economic Headlines: Government Shutdown Temporarily Averted Bitcoin Shifting Focus to Infrastructure?   Details on the Labor Report.   If you’ve paid attention to business media today, the November labor report blew the doors off expectations.  The economy created about 228,000 jobs in the month, helping return growth […]

BOR 12.13.17

Briefing: Wednesday 13, December 2017 Executive Summary Domestic Economic Quick Inputs.   Record Taxes Collected in November.  It’s going to fall under the radar because of the Government still ran a budget deficit, but the Federal Government collected record taxes in November.   Unexpected Impact of Comparison Shopping.   It has always been highly recommended that […]

BOR 12.15.17

Briefing: Friday 15, December 2017   Executive Summary   Watch Convention Activity, Attendance, and Competition.  Let’s connect some dots – because not many people are talking about this.  Remember what happened when Sarbanes-Oxley was enacted in 2002?  Or Dodd-Frank in 2010? Companies spent thousands of dollars on consultants and conferences to understand the business impacts […]