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Business Intelligence Brief: August 28, 2015

Markets Not Too Happy The markets faltered again – at least in Asia and Europe. The US is expected to reflect that at the opening and perhaps there will be a recovery later in the day and perhaps not. Right now the markets are at their worst as all it takes is a rumor or […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 27, 2015

Is it Over? The end of the world as we known it has been postponed. It seems that investors have been calmed. The markets ended a six day period of decline and breathless analysts are going to have to find something else to hyperventilate over. Not that there was not real damage from all this. […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 26, 2015

Likelihood of Interest Rate Hike Diminished The analytical community has decided that the Fed will not raise rates until December and possibly not until the first of next year but that is not something the Fed has stated – at least not directly. The world’s central bankers are meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this week […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 25, 2015

Signs of Calm? There is going to be volatility in the markets all this week and likely into next. That is actually a good thing given what has taken place thus far. If there were no volatility it would mean that the markets were sinking steadily into some kind of recessionary pattern but the fact […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 24, 2015

Panic in the Streets At least in the streets inhabited by those touchy investors who never seem to notice what is going on around them until the very last minute. The markets are swooning hard all over the world and the headlines are breathless with declarations of the billions that have been “lost”. At the […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 21, 2015

Markets Not Too Happy Sometimes it all gets to be too much for the traders and the investors and there is a burst of sheer panic over the cascade of perplexing and negative data. This has been such a week and the markets swooned pretty dramatically. The trigger for the drastic drop was not unexpected […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 20, 2015

No Certainty at the Fed The minutes just released demonstrate what many already suspected about the Fed at this point. There has been considerable difference of opinion expressed by the members of the Open Market Committee in the last several weeks as they have made the rounds on the speaking circuit and now that we […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 19, 2015

More Commentary on Student Debt There are few subjects that evoke more comment than those that deal with student debt. Most of the readership has a personal stake in this conversation as they have kids that are facing college costs or they have kids that will someday. Many have relatives that are dealing with the […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 18, 2015

What is Up with Oil and Gas Pricing? One of our more alert readers commented that she was a bit confused the other day. As she was looking at the decline in the value of her oil stocks due to the collapse in the price of crude she pulled into a gas station and noted […]

Business Intelligence Brief: August 17, 2015

The Burgeoning Crisis in Student Debt It seemed like such a good idea at the time. The challenge for many would-be students was the cost of going to college but the whole idea of attending a college or university was that it would be a very valuable investment. Those who graduated could expect an easier […]

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