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Business Intelligence Brief: May 20, 2015

Take This Job and Shove It This is more than a good country music anthem – it is the decision that was made by some 2.8 million people last month and roughly 20% of people suggested they wanted to do in a recent Harris poll of employed people. This is actually a good sign as […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 19, 2015

Battle for the Future of the Export-Import Bank Intensifies To the proponents of the Ex-Im Bank this is the single most important weapon in the US arsenal as far as leveling the playing field in global trade. To the opponents it is corporate welfare and a nest of corruption and cronyism. Both assessments are extreme […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 18, 2015

What is Currency Manipulation Anyway? In simplest terms this is the process of lowering the value of one’s currency so that a nation gains a competitive edge when it comes to its exports. The weaker a currency the easier it becomes to sell to overseas markets as the goods and services that are sold are […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 15, 2015

It’s Been a Volatile Quarter The longer one can observe the economy the more accurate the assessment – that much has always been pretty apparent. The wild gyrations that are observed each day get smoothed out over the course of a week or month or quarter and the annual numbers are likely to be the […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 14, 2015

Not Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is It is not that the consumer is lying exactly but there is often a significant disconnect between what they say in all those consumer confidence surveys and what happens when they actually contemplate spending their money in the retail community. Since the start of the year there […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 13, 2015

What Gap Most Concerns People? The political season is young but already this might be termed the year of the gap. Nearly every speech or campaign statement references some kind of gap that must be addressed and this or that party or politician is just the one to close it. There is the income gap […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 12, 2015

The Generational Shift The “all-important” Baby Boom generation is slipping away – time does have a way of marching on and retirement is taking its toll on the generation that has been dominating the workforce through most of its existence as a cohort. The Census Bureau estimates that there are 44.5 million Boomers in the […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 11, 2015

More than One way to Lower Unemployment There are good ways to reduce the unemployment rate and ways that are not quite so helpful to the economy or to those looking for a job. The best way to reduce the rate of joblessness is to create more jobs and have people ready, willing and able […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 8, 2015

Today’s Jobs Report There are a couple of narratives competing for the attention of those that are busy assessing the likelihood of a rate hike and the likelihood of a continued expansion of the economic recovery. The first of these is based on an assumption that most of the economic threat at the start of […]

Business Intelligence Brief: May 7, 2015

Productivity Slump Not Unexpected The majority of the data from the first quarter has ranged from the awful to the miserable and thus it should come as no surprise that the data for productivity would be along the same lines. After all the latest trade deficit numbers almost guarantee that the next revision of GDP […]

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