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The Burden of Knowing Top Secrets

Once upon a time, I thought that knowing a bona-fide Top Secret would the coolest thing in the world. As we age and come into maturity and are exposed to more “secrets” in business or intelligence, we realize that Top Secrets (those that have true meaning) carry with them a tremendous burden and responsibility. Someone […]

College Kids and Jobs

This is a bit of an anecdotal piece – and therefore I’m throwing it into my private journal section – but it is serious from the perspective of jobs and the economy.  I have a college age daughter that, in turn, has an extensive Facebook network. So, she is looking for a job and can’t […]

2011 American Idol Winner

I live in a world of prediction, forecasting, processing intelligence and high stakes strategy in Corporate America. But I do have a fun side that the family gets to see. For instance, I love American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Shot, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, you name it. I’m not much of […]

Daddy’s Hands

An uncle of mine passed away at a fairly young age, and at his funeral he wanted the song “daddy’s hands” played. That song popped into my head today and I thought about the lyrics and my children, and wondered if they would have the same feeling about me that was portrayed in that song. […]

No Judging on My Part

Many of you know that I spend a lot of weekends at convention centers watching my daughters in competitive dance events. As I look around the room, there are twenty to thirty different individuals with computers or papers spread out – working on a Saturday between their daughter’s three-minute stints on stage. I’ve been chasing my daughters around […]

A Lesson from a National Championship

I sat and watched the men’s NCAA National Championship game last night between UConn and Butler and an interesting thought hit me. It came as the announcers were talking about the age difference between the coaches – one being almost half the age of the other. And I wondered about that for a minute. Had […]