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Phishing Attack Warning.

We had a great friend of ours (one with great security) have his e-mail system hijacked in a phishing attack. This is not a new attack, but it is listed in many of the security briefings as one of the most successful ones. Hackers are attempting to get e-mail account passwords. The message we got […]

Boston Bombing Trial.

There is little question that Dzokhar Tsarnaev will be found guilty of participating in the Boston Marathon Bombing. The first phase of the trial is nearly over (probably will be by the printing of today’s brief). And, even the defense is arguing that he is guilty of planting at least one of the bombs. But, […]

A number of companies that have had their data exposed as of late $

The number of companies that have had their data exposed of late include Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, Sony, and many others.  What security analysts believe is happening is that the hackers are looking for the specific data of selected individuals – which would obviously bring a higher price on the open market or […]

Are Security Breaches Good or Bad for the IT Sector? $

computer data

The latest big box retailer to report a problem with point of sale hacking was Home Depot. In all, tens of millions of consumers may have had personal financial information compromised when we count all of those exposed at Target, Home Depot, and many others caught up in similar scandals.

9/11 To Take on Different Meaning this Year? $

In the News

All you have to do is turn on the TV and you hear about terrorism and the threat of it.   Sources are now hearing of warnings being issued by Intelligence sources in the United States about possible attacks coming from the Southern Border of the country prior to 9/11.   It’s only been a […]

US to Send “Training” Troops to Poland $


The United States says that it is going to bolster the number of troops participating in two months of “training exercises” in Europe – specifically in Poland. These troops will be accompanied by Abrams tanks and other armored vehicles according to Stars and Stripes. Doing a quick scan of the Russian media, we don’t see […]

Report: Syria has Used Chemical Weapons Recently $


There aren’t many details yet, but a breaking news story from Al Jazeera (quoting Syrian rebel force reports) alleges that the Syrian Army has used chemical weapons against rebel forces and the public in Damascus. Over the past several weeks, Syrian rebels also claim that the same thing happened in Latakia and once again outside […]

Maybe the USPS Will See a Surge in Business? $


Former President Jimmy Carter probably gave the USPS the best advertisement anyone could give to an organization. He said that recent admonitions by the NSA (actually from whistle-blowers like Snowden on the NSA) have pushed him to go back to traditional mail for much of his communications. This is a bit extreme and he can […]

Have you Seen This? A Fear Vaccine… $

vaccine research

We are about to take the notion of the “engineered soldier” to a new level if researchers at MIT are able to produce their latest discovery for public consumption. In short, scientists have found a way to prevent the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in soldiers. It’s actually pretty simple stuff – which […]

Who Can the US Count on and for What? $

US flag

There is one inescapable fact and it is one that Americans manage to forget on a regular basis. There is only one super power left in the world and that is the United States. Granted, the power of the US has been reduced in the last ten years but so has everybody else’s. China is […]

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