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Giant Little Man.

It’s interesting how legends are made and what conditions can lead to “luck” that set apart a career. I was listening to a farm radio program today and they did a piece on Robert Leatherwood (the “little giant”). He lived from June 1844 – April of 1920 and spent much of his career in Arizona. […]

Uber Experience. $

I had my first experience with Uber this week on a business trip, and it surprised me – to the upside. I took a quick trip to Denver and we got an Uber vehicle from the airport to the client’s office. It was an interesting experience. The driver arrived in a new Toyota Avalon. It […]

Cotsbot and Autonomous Killing.

   The BBC ran an article yesterday on the Cotsbot, a robot that has been designed to search out and destroy a particular type of starfish. The Cotsbot will search for Crown-of-Thorns starfish along the Great Barrier Reef and inject them with a chemical that will kill them. The COT Starfish is currently destroying big […]

Blue Light Special. $

One of my best friends and I were trading texts today about the stock market – and I quipped back to him that it was a “Blue Light Special”. He’s my age, so he knows what that was in reference to.  But, it made me stop and think for a minute that there are a […]

Look to the Skies…

  NASA’s New Horizon’s Probe is, and rightfully so, taking us away from the daily grind to remind us of how small we are.  And perhaps more importantly, to distract us from some of the negativity that comes with life on this planet.   When we can see, for the first time, a photo taken […]

The Men Who Built America. $

For some reason, I’m just now catching the series on the History Channel called “the Men Who Built America”. You can check out the details on it here if you haven’t seen it: .  It’s actually a fascinating story of capitalism, competition, anti-trust, with a twist of business 101 lessons that many of us […]

The Tourney and Life.

We can take a great lesson from the opening day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Many of us saw our brackets busted as a few fairly powerful teams were upset. Many analysts will tell you that it was probably a difference in execution. Although some teams have what seem to be superior athletes, they […]

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