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Iran and the Middle East $


Unraveling the complexity that surrounds Iran and its role in the Middle East is next to impossible and what worries the majority of the analysts assessing the current set of negotiations is that the western leaders engaged in the talks have far less of a stake in the outcome as do the leaders in the […]

Is Italy Setting Itself Up for the Next Multi-Pronged Crisis? $


There was an article in the UK Spectator that was very well done. It focused on the Italian situation and its migration policies. These policies, being legal but very liberal, are setting the country up for a significant challenge ahead.

Battle over Greek Fate is Battle Within Germany $


The single biggest roadblock to a Greek deal is Angela Merkel and the Germans in general. That is really not entirely an accurate statement as the biggest roadblock is the inability of the Syriza leaders to see that their demands are pure fantasy. It is the Germans that will not allow the rest of the […]

Who’s Fault is Greece Really?  $


Almost everybody one asks has a very solid opinion as far as this question is concerned. Those who watched Greece engage in some of the most economically reckless policies conceivable assert that this entire debacle can be laid at the feet of the Greeks. They were the ones who came up with the bright ideas […]

Crude Oil Production Highest Since 1972 – How? $


Producers in the United States produced more crude oil domestically than we have seen in 43 years – dating back to 1972. The daily average for oil production was 9.6 million barrels, about 1.2 million barrels a day higher than we saw a year ago. This is interesting, but it also begs the question as […]

El Nino Could be Welcome for the West.


Accuweather ran an interesting map today regarding the typical fall weather patterns created during an El Nino cycle. Although this is turning out to be a fairly weak El Nino (thus far), it is bringing some hope to California that this fall and winter will bring with it much needed precipitation to help it break […]

Keep an Eye on Blanca. $


Tropical storm Blanca has formed in the Eastern Pacific and is now taking a track that could threaten the Mexican West Coast over the next five days. Blanca is expected to form into a hurricane as it gains momentum and accelerates throughout the week.

ISIS Shuts Water to Iraqi Dam in Ramadi. $


It isn’t being reported widely at this stage, but ISIS fighters in Iraq have reportedly shut down a key dam in Ramadi that will create what some believe will be a humanitarian crisis. This comes as officials meet in Europe to discuss the crisis in Iraq and how to deal with ISIS from an international […]

In the “Just Trying to Figure Things Out” Category… $


This article is not an indictment on any industry, I am a car guy and I love cars and trucks. So, when it comes to the auto sector, I’m a fan. As an economist though, there are just some things that don’t make sense. And, I got a question the other day from a client […]

Wow, Latest AAR Report Not Good. $


If you have been with us for a while, you know that we like the AAR weekly carload report. It gives us a very active, real time barometer of what is happening in the broader economy. As a proxy for US inputs and finished goods movement, what happens in the transportation sector is generally what’s […]

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