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China Row Growing over Spratley Island. $


It’s all over CNN, because they had a reporter on-board a US surveillance plane that was threatened 8 times by Chinese navy officials to get out of their airspace. The problem is, the international community doesn’t recognize the area as being China’s. We have covered the disputes in the South China seas for years. China […]

The Quiet Disaster About to Beset Nepal $


  Most of you have seen or heard about the devastating second 7.3 earthquake that hit Nepal overnight. Although not as strong as the 7.9 that hit two weeks ago, this one went ahead and finished off a number of buildings that had already been weakened by the previous quake.

Q1 GDP Miss


We’ve been warning you about Q1 GDP multiple times (just about every week) using the Atlanta Fed GDPNow estimates. The Atlanta Fed had their latest measure of GDP at .1% in Q1 and it came in at .2%. They were a heck of a lot closer to nailing it than the Blue Chip forecasts of […]

Saudi Arabia Wields the Crude Oil Sword. $


When your enemies get the majority of their GDP from oil and you sit on top of a mound of cash and have a ton of the commodity yourself, it can become a tool of war. Saudi Arabia boosted their crude oil output by 659,000 barrels in March to average about 10.3 million per day […]

Chinese Export Shockwave. $


The markets shrugged it off yesterday, but Chinese export activity in March sent a shockwave through us yesterday. Everyone expected them to be a little sluggish given the US West Coast Port situations.  But, nobody expected exports to fall 14.6% in March. Most expectations held that exports would rise by a 9% rate. Especially with […]

Global Economy Revised – Mixed. $


The IMF has just released its latest revision to the World Economic Outlook and generally, we got a mixed picture. For the United States, the IMF believes that growth will slow from 3.6% growth to 3.1% in 2015. Part of that is due to a weak first quarter driven by weather and West Coast impacted […]

Where are all the Workers? $


Who would have thought about two years ago that we would be looking at labor reports and wondering:  “where are all the workers”?  Back in 2008, we saw a report issued by the Congressional Budget Office projecting that by the year 2016, the US would be 4 million workers short of meeting basic demand. They […]

The Hidden Impacts of an Iran Deal. $


Let us say at the outset that any country that has a peaceful means of improving its standing should be allowed to do so. Iran should be allowed to pursue new forms of energy, if it is done in a manner consistent with international norms and without a threat to those around them. And, we […]

It’s a Deal! $


    In a development that rattled foreign oil markets today, Iran and the “6 powers” (which include the United States) inked a deal that could lead to ending economic sanctions against the country as early as the end of June.

Areas Where Drought Will Intensify. $


NOAA has released its latest seasonal Drought Outlook updated as of March 19th.  We thought this view might be interesting for future planning purposes.

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