Malware could be coming to Macs

Mac users have avoided the targeting of cyber criminals for a long time on the virtue of being part of a small segment of the Internet population. In the past three years, Mac users have gone from 3.8% of Internet users to 6.5%–still a relatively small percentage, but in real numbers that equates to 70 million or more users. [This content is for MEMBERS ONLY. Please click Subscribe in the upper right corner to continue.]

One Response to "Malware could be coming to Macs"

  1. Marcie Weedon  May 9, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    What a fantastic article. I’ve experienced a large amount of trouble with spyware and getting the occasional trojan through the years, so it’s always wonderful to study more about it. Thank you for this kind of post and I look ahead to reading through a lot more!

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