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Malware could be coming to Macs

Mac users have avoided the targeting of cyber criminals for a long time on the virtue of being part of a small segment of the Internet population. In the past three years, Mac users have gone from 3.8% of Internet users to 6.5%–still a relatively small percentage, but in real numbers that equates to 70 million or more users. [private_member]That’s a large target. Most cyber-crime is perpetrated by overseas criminals (often in former Soviet states) using DIY software they buy off the shelf. Their favorite target for years has been Windows XP, but the usage of that operating system is rapidly declining. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are much more secure, so the payoff for those systems is much lower. That means these cyber-criminals are more on the lookout for alternatives to XP than they have been in the past. Just recently, one of the most popular DIY software kits used by cyber thieves released a product aimed at Mac users. Apple has sold the fiction that Macs are more secure than PCs, but the truth is that generally speaking they are not—they just haven’t been targeted as often. Based on this news, it’s only a matter of time until that advantage is gone. This isn’t to say you should avoid Macs or that you’ll be particularly vulnerable when using them, but to point out that the security advantage which has been a selling point for so long may be going away. As the Mac market share expands, more and more criminals will target Mac users, although it will be a long time before there are as many Mac-targeted scams as there are for PC (if ever.)  [/private_member]

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  1. Marcie Weedon

    May 9, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    What a fantastic article. I’ve experienced a large amount of trouble with spyware and getting the occasional trojan through the years, so it’s always wonderful to study more about it. Thank you for this kind of post and I look ahead to reading through a lot more!

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