NASA Watches Massive Sunspot Grow “Overnight”

We’ve reported to you in the past that our Sun is approaching what is considered to be a 15 year peak in sunspot activity. SunspotScientists have been focused on a sunspot area for the past 48 hours that has shocked them at how rapidly it has grown from a speck to a storm that is now more than 6 times the diameter of the earth. These storms are typically the source of solar flares – and this one would be highly volatile and could release a significant flare. Sunspots can also affect the earth’s weather patterns. The photo at right is from the Space Flight Center operated by NASA. The WSJ and other media sites have picked up on the story, but we wanted to just make you aware of it. The increase in potential for solar flares or “solar wind” can impact the ionosphere – disrupting communications and satellites.

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