Top 5 Executive Tips for Airport Productivity

Many of our members travel extensively, and as a busy executive, remaining productive while at an airport can be a challenge. Here are a few tips from some of our Executive Intelligence members.[private_member]

  1. Find an empty gate.  Many travelers get to a busy gate waiting on a departure and to their dismay, everyone trying to use the local wireless grind the service to a halt. A tip that one of our members gave us was to find an empty gate in the concourse and boot up there. The wireless will likely move faster and if you are a savvy traveler – you know how to keep tabs on your own gate and the status of your flight.
  2. One day pass to the “executive clubs”. Most airlines have a premium traveler club, and for a small fee, will issue a one-day pass. When you have a lengthy layover, planning ahead can provide some much welcomed connectivity, privacy, and refreshments. This is a great way to take a conference call or get some private time for e-mailing. We have heard of executives purposefully scheduling a longer layover at a specific airport to take advantage of the working conditions at the airport and the reduced fee that they got on the ticket in the process. It can save a full day losing productivity.
  3. Finding power.  Even though certain airlines have taken steps to make finding power sources easier, some of the busiest airports in the world still lack significant sources of power. We got this time from someone: if you don’t have time to get out of the gate area and are having a tough time finding a plug-in – asking a local maintenance worker where the nearest plug is will sometimes unveil “secret” sources of electricity. Most of these people have been trained to be accommodating – especially if they work for the airline itself. You might be surprised how many times this will yield productivity saving power.
  4. Anther power source: restaurants.  A tip that one of our senior travelers offered was that he has gone into airport restaurants and pre-tipped a hostess to seat him near a power outlet. Then, with tip in hand, they often don’t care that he sits there for hours with a simple order of a drink – and they often will keep it refreshed for him to boot!
  5. Twitter your location. O.K, mixed reviews on this one. But some people will tweet that they are at a specific terminal location to see if any of their contacts are also in the vicinity. Some executives have told us that they can get an amazing amount of impromptu meetings accomplished as a result. There is a warning with this one as well: some security personnel would tell you to never let anyone in social media world know that you are traveling. It could be inviting the savvy thief to hit your house while you are away…use at your own risk.


These are just a few of those ideas submitted to us. We would love to hear of more tips from our members – we’ll publish them in the comment section. If you don’t want to be identified, just send us a note in confidence and privacy:[/private_member]

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