What We Do

Written Briefings

The daily Business Intelligence Brief reports on and analyzes national and international news affecting our local business. This short read packs in lots of intelligent discussion about your present and future business!

Public Speaking​

Keith Prather and Chris Kuehl make close to a hundred presentations each year to business and industry associations in the US and overseas.


Armada has worked with Fortune 500 companies on everything from merger and acquisition strategy to key account management, strategic planning and corporate marketing efforts. We have developed a number of proprietary analytical tools that have been used by companies of all sizes. These include tools designed to position a company in its competitive market, forecasting of competitive movements in an industry sector, identification of the impact of competitive scenarios, and strategic optioning for high-level corporate strategy. We have worked with teams to understand supply chain and strategic business activities in key account programs with companies such as Wal-Mart, Honeywell, GE, Toyota, Boeing, US Department of Defense, FEMA, and many others.